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Culture & Life

Mission statement

We empower hospitality businesses and their people to thrive with competitive and innovative digital solutions, so they can focus on what they love most: serving their customers with passion.

Be empowered by Aimie

In short, DISH challenges me but then again gives me the opportunity to play and try things out – I don’t think I would have learnt as much in any other big company. Best thing about my colleagues here at hd is the diversity – I learn so much on a daily basis about different cultures, religions and abilities.

Our Work Values

At the core of our DISH philosophy trust, teamwork, respect and passion form the pillars that guide our approach at every level. These values not only shape our interactions within the workplace but also drive our collective success in achieving our goals.

We believe in everyone’s individuality and leverage the variety of experience, ideas and opinions to the success of DISH and it’s customers.

We strive for transparency, lead by example communicate openly and take responsibility to ultimately build an environment of strong relationships- within DISH and to our customers.

We create an environment that nurtures our drive to innovate and to push ourselves and others to succeed.

We believe the best way to achieve our shared ambitious goals is by working together as a team, amplifying individual strengths.


At DISH we develop concepts in our different clubs, such as a trivia evening planned by the DISH Culture Club; participation in the Conqueror’s Challenge initiated by the DISH Sports Club or the introduction of inclusive language, as the DISH Diversity & Inclusion Club is doing right now. In addition, employees from over 22 individual cultures and a share of women of over 30% shape our organisation, so that diversity is not only lived, but also celebrated.

Be empowered by Aljoscha

I am passionate about my work because I can fully identify with the product we are developing and launching across Europe. Empowerment is the value, recognition and open appreciation given from team members. The best thing about my work here at DISH is our international and multicultural exchanges. Plus, the liberty given to each employee about their work practices.


At DISH, we recognize that flexibility extends beyond just working hours. We embrace a culture that values different work styles, such as remote work or hybrid models, to promote work-life integration. We provide the necessary tools and technologies to ensure seamless collaboration, regardless of your physical location. This approach not only enhances productivity but also enables our employees to maintain a healthy work-life harmony.

Be empowered by Christian

DISH is a lively company that is always evolving. And it is a pleasure to be an active part of it. The best thing about my team is they support you at all times and always have an open ear. Also for topics that do not always have to do with work.


Communicating the DISH way means to have the courage to be open and trustful in effective conversations, which will lead to solution- oriented decision making.

Decision Making

We love to take and execute decisions in our field of responsibility fact-based, bold and timely. We also push and foster decisions by providing options and recommendations.

Big Picture

We know our shared vision and translate this vision into concrete and measureable goals and milestones for each of us. Our path is defined by a fact-based and honest view of achievements and to-do’s.